Hacienda Posada de Vallina

Welcome to the Hotel Posada de Vallina, a hotel located next to the Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba where we take care of all the details so that the stay of our clients is a unique experience. Come and enjoy.

This house was enabled by the Alarifes (builders of the Mosque) and later during the Middle Ages it became the Inn of Vallina, possibly the most important inn in Spain, thanks to its location (Vía Augusta), place where the colonizers circulated and merchants of the time, as demonstrated by the study conducted by archaeologist Laura Aparicio.

Popular voices mentioned that D. Cristóbal Colón was staying at the location of the current room 204.

Later it was used as a neighbor's house and nowadays the Hotel Posada de Vallina is located.

The hotel has been completely renovated in the year of 2008, being able to enjoy a special stay, because it is perfectly cared for you to enjoy the sensations of staying in an old inn, with its characteristic inner courtyard around which its rooms are distributed. lovely rooms.

A unique place in the heart of the monumental Córdoba